Zoe Hatziyannaki                             


Levels of Life: Photography Imaging and the Vertical Perspective - Conference and Exhibition,The Photographers Gallery
& London College of Communication, 30th June-2nd July 2022

Lipiu exhibition catalogue 
Weaving Worlds, ACG Gallery, Athens, 20 May-25 June 2022
Ad Interim, Campus Novel, one-day events and lectures, Tavros, 14th May 2022
The Real and the Record, MOMus-Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, 9th Oct 2021-20th Feb 2022
Reality Check, Dafni Psychiatric Hospital Athens, 9th Sept-9th Oct, 2021
Weaving Histories: Margaret Kenna and Anafi, State of Concept, Athens, 27th Jun-11th Sep, 2021
Systems, Organisms, Symbiosis, group exhibition, Eight/Το οχτώ, Athens, 25-30th June 2021 
Lipiu, group exhibition, A-DASH, Athens, 31st Oct.-Nov.22, 2020
Mars, numéro 25, Media Naranja,Book launch: March 21st 2020

Kypselian Salon, Snehta residency, 18-28 Dec, 2019
Overview Effect, 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, MOMus, 1 Nov.- 1 Dec, 2019
A Field Guide to Getting Lost Vol.2, Anesis cinema, Aegina, Greece, 12-15 July, 2019
Flaneur Festival - 20.5 hours at HKW, Berlin, 31 Aug.-1 Sept. 2019
Mountain Fringes, Campus Novel & Grevenity Residency, 13-21 July 2019
+9, Iera Odos, Athens, 20 June-12 July 2019
PLATEAU  034, An exploration of Greek self-published photobooks, Zoetrope Athens, 19-30 June 2019
Urban Resilience, Changing Economy and Social Trends, University of Hanover and NTUA, 2019
Anatomy of Political Melancholy II, with Depression Era, Athens Conservatory, 28 Feb-13 Apr 2019 

The Collection as an Automaton, with A-DASH, ACG Gallery, Athens, 23 Feb-23 March 2019
Photography in Crisis: Depression Era, Slought, Philadelphia, USA, 17 Jan-17 Feb 2019

The Tourists by Depression Era at Unseen CO-OP, Amsterdam 21-23 Sept 2019
The Past of Things to Come, solo exhibition, A–DASH, Athens, NEON grant 20 April-20 May2018