This work was created for Flaneur magazine issue #5 Fokionos Negri.

Here lies One whose Name was written in Water.
(John Keats’ inscription on his grave)

Fokionos Negri street was a stream. In 1832 sir Pulteney Malcolm captivated by the beautiful surrounding landscape and his love for Greece builds the first house in the area, a gorgeous mansion. It was just after the Greek revolution against the Ottoman rule that inspired Philhellenism and contributed a great deal to Romanticism.
At about the same time John Keats writes his famous poem: “Ode to a Grecian Urn”. The stream under the pavement of Fokionos Negri still exists and it is what gives life to its trees and plantation. It still gives this feeling of the beauty of life and the strength of a timeless nature that the Romantics have praised so much.  All the photographs were taken in today’s Fokionos Negri.

The following video was part of Flaneur Festival - 20.5 hours at HKW that took place in August 2019 in HKW, Berlin.