In the central area of the city we came across some digital material which might give more clues to the current research. Our presumptions until now are that the city, after facing serious decline was gradually deserted. The material includes video and image files, originating mainly from surveillance cameras, all dated the year 2112. The fact that the room was most likely used as a refuge, as well as, the constant monitoring of the interior and the exterior spaces, leads to the conclusion that its residents were under serious threat. However we still do not know what had happened or what was that they feared so much. The research is in an early stage so we can only make assumptions.

The Past of Things to Come is an interactive installation based on the study of elements that belong to unofficial urban legacies of everyday city narratives. Zoe Hatziyannaki constructs an installation around an alleged occupation of a building and uses photography to create a critical and sarcastic narrative on a dystopic future by applying fictitious and real events. 
The space is approached through a potential future archaeology. The visitors are invited to observe archive material consisting of photos, texts and video footage from surveillance cameras. The material concerns a room which appears to have served as a shelter in 2112 and its exterior surroundings. The work poses questions and redefines incessantly the relations of the private and the public, the outside and the inside, the local and the global, the past, the present and the future without leaving room for fixed or secure positions.




Zoe Hatziyannaki, The Past of Things to Come
curated by Elina Axioti


Special thanks to:
Evangelia Argyrou
Dimitris Mitropoulos
Eleni Saroglou

With the support of NEON and the Architecture Syndicate.



The book of the exhibition The Past of Things to Come was published by Cube Art Editions with texts by Elina Axioti and James Bridle. Available for orders here.