My approach to Catholic and Orthodox churches in Tinos island is more social and spatial than historical or religious. It is a visual research into how the people of the island read and translated the coexistence of both creeds in their particular environment. A look into what extent different factors like tradition, society, location, ethics, individual beliefs intermingled and made their appearance in architectural forms.

The work obviously refers to the famous “Typologies” of Berndt and Hilla Becher and, as they proposed, it is a sort of an anatomy of the relations between constituent parts, where the objects of the structures need to be isolated from the context, without colour and as much as possible objectively portrayed. In this way the viewer can observe similarities and differencies and reflect on the multiple exchanges of specific geographical, social, historical and economical circumstances that construct them.

This work was made on the occasion of Bound for Tinos II exhibition in Tinos island.